ESPRIQUE Pure Skin Cheek Limited Kit PK-3C (1SET=2PCS)


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ESPRIQUE Pure Skin Cheek Limited Kit PK-3C (1SET=2PCS)

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Blends gently into the skin for cheeks with a naturally flushed color. Incredible, vibrant color and translucence for an easy, effortless finish.
Create a natural contour by using both the light and rouge colors.
Vibrant color and translucence perfectly suited to your skin for a beautiful finish that lasts for 8 hours*.
* Data obtained from makeup endurance testing (In-house test. Individual results may vary).
Moisturizing ingredients and oil formula. Fine powder blends gently into the skin and does not scatter or leave your skin feeling dry.
Choose from two finishes and seven colors for the look that’s just right for you.
Color Type
Combines highly translucent Glass Powder with oil for incredibly vibrant color. Vibrant color that pops without leaving a powdery residue for a soft, pure, natural flush.
Glow Type
Combines Youthful Gloss Powder with plenty of moisturizing oil perfectly suited to your skin. Gives a youthful and glossy soft, natural flush that won’t transfer.
Use the dedicated brush for smooth application and a light, natural blend

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