Skin as bright as snow.

SEKKISEI is packed with the power of Asian plant extracts to deliver skin overflowing with brightness. The effects of SEKKISEI skincare have been shared from person to person since first being released in 1985, and are now passed down from mother to daughter as well as spreading from Japan to the rest of the world.

Our new softening moisturizer combines the effects of a beauty essence and an emulsion. We designed this stunning product from the ground up for comfortable daily use alongside a lotion.

Our goal is to create that same incredible, indescribable sensation you get from SEKKISEI lotion. Based on our new concept of total dedication to permeation, we created an emulsion that never feels sticky while also being completely moisturizing.

Designed to suit the skin, it permeates deep to deliver fullness from the inside out. Your skin will feel reborn, as soft as freshly-baked souffle. Essential Souffle delivers a daily balance of moisture, for skin that’s never dull or tight, simply luminous.

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